Climbing To The New Lows

Finally I got to post something! As if really someone cares (someone whispered)!  Well, I've been a way for weeks after that Hunger Games really getting into my nerves. Like what Stephen King said "I couldn't stop reading!" It was worth the week I have spent though on it and the bucks for the three books. I just finished reading the Hunger Games and I don't want to start reading Catching Fire for I don't want to end it so soon! You know that feeling that you're waiting for something? The fulfillment and the smugness that you get at out it! 

H&M plaid shirt, Topman black cardigan, Topman brown chinos, River Island lace up boots, 
Aldo watch, Mulberry satchel   

And I can't wait for release date! May the odds really be in our favor! May the odds really be in our favor! If have read the book you can view the Capitol in 3D check it here .