Weekend In St. Barts

Rockstar glasses, Topman stripe scoop t-shirt, Cotton On brink pink Monte Carlo short, loafers from Bangkok

The long weekend has brought to me to be like in St. Beds (I just have to put it as St. Barts so it would not sound awful, LOL!). I got to spend the four days off of doing everything I missed last week. I got to be still in the loop of GG! I'm a self-confessed gleek at the same time so I need to be up-to-date with their covers. It has been a very productive four days! I continued my dealings with Mr. Photoshop since it has been a long overdue. And looking at this I still need a lot of time with him. Anyways, its back to reality tomorrow and I'm fine with it. I'm counting down for my March excursion to Mount Etna. What am I talking about? LOL!