Too Much For A Single Day

It was absofreakinlutely too much for a single day. Went to Bangkok for three days before going home to PI. It was like a pretty d**m trip that it was like you arrive on that day and leaving on that day itself also. But, I had really a great time there. Temples + floating market (we only saw two since it was just weeks after the heavy flood in the area) + tuktuk ride + Thai massage (2 hours)  + cocobam (its a drink! IDK if I got it right)  Thai food (Basil chicken rice) + Thai girl's show (which was the peak of the trip, LOL!) + lots and lots of shopping. They really have a lot of great stuffs there. Spent half day in one mall and I was like really flabbergasted of the clothes. The malls speak Thakoon! Literally!  I'm just really stunned! Planning to go back there anytime soon. Honestly, I didn't miss the food or the place. It's the clothes + accessories + shoes + bags that I want really to go back. Let's see how!