So Much To Do So Little Time

 Topman shirt, maya blue Monte Carlo shorts, thrifted suede shoes - Bangkok 

Its exactly one week after a weekend bolt of freedom in Bangkok. It was my first time and I didn't know that the streets there are as crazy as PI. Literally! So much to do yet so little time! I was just kinda fazed as to how they became fashionably inclined. One proof is the Platinum Mall, instantly it became my best friend. They have over 2000 shops inside to cater different tastes. No escape is their mantra there from bags, accessories, shirts, dress, to anything that you can think of that you can wear. LOL! They have it there! I go these suede shoes for around 30 bucks. Since, I wasn't able to really check every shops there I'm planning of coming back in couple of months. Really no breathing, no winking, and no saying enough. This will be my mantra next time I go there. LOL! Anyways, this is what I wore on my last day, really no effort at all. I was feeling a summery December there.