Low cost houses in Cebu? get the information here...

I've been checking for cheap real estate in Cebu. Hoping to find out the house that I want and that will not compromise much of my savings. Home is where the banished sun concludes its day and everybody wishes to have a house that you can really say this is my comfort zone, and that does not leave me of wanting it. I used google at first to check for the cheap real estate to interiors of the house down to the facade of it. I was not failed and got the houses that I want and maybe days from now I can schedule for an ocular visit. And this is what I got!

Cordova Real Estate
Cordova is located at the southern most portion of Mactan Island and is an island all in its own. It is a very quiet and secluded area with few schools, but many new subdivisions promoting expatriate retirement in the Metro Cebu area.Check this website for information www.cordova.gov.ph

I haven't inquire as to how much is the price and the mode of payment for this house but you can check this website to inquire http://www.johnvill.com/ .

Corona del Mar
is located at Talisay City and is known for its "Inasal Baboy" (Roasted Pig).The municipality is now linked to Cebu City via the new South Coastal Highway from Lawaan, opened in 2004. This has brought some recent inward investment in the form of sub-divisions. Its 15-30 minute drive from downtown Cebu.

Imagine this. Coming home from work every day to a comfortable, sturdy home right by the sea - the sound of waves rolling against the seawall lulling you to sleep every night, and the salty fresh sea breeze waking you up every morning. Imagine having your own personal beach right at your doorstep. During the weekend, you can spend the entire day just watching the sun move across the sky. To many, this would be the definition of paradise.Now, this paradise has been made available to Cebu residents - exclusively at the Corona del Mar Homes.
A flagship project of Filinvest Land, Inc., Corona Del Mar takes pride in being the first of its kind in Cebu - a subdivision beside the beach. Homeowners can take comfort in never being too far away from nature, with a beautiful tract of beach very nearby, no matter how busy their life in the city may be.

The last time I went to Corona del Mar was last year. It was my friend's wedding and hired one of the function there for their reception. The place is lovely and serene check this website to ear more information about Corona del Mar.


La Cittadella Subdivision and MaryVille Heights
is located in Talamban and Banilad, Cebu City its 15-25 minute drive from downtown Cebu City.

hit this link to see more images from these facades to the interiors of the house and the price list of their condominiums.


What I just want to check are low cost houses but with a taste. I know its hard to get these houses but I got through the power of google.

Most of these houses cost only from 700, 000.00 pesos to 1 200, 000.00 million pesos. Pag ibig loan houses are also low cost, you need to be a member of Pag-ibig to be able to use loan from it, there are houses down payment just for 30, 000.00 pesos with a reservation of 5, 000.00 pesos to 10, 000.00 pesos.
Genesis homes at basak lapu lapu city is a low cost housing project , the price if using Pag -ibig loan is just 745,000.00 pesos , 30, 000.00 Equity and 5,000.00 reservation fee. Genesis Gaea is much cheaper its only a 1 storey house maybe for a couple with no child yet and for singles who likes to have his/her own house.Another low cost house is la montana in pit-os talamban , some prices are Php 530,000.00 only. Simplex 1 is also a low cost project , St. Bernadette is also a low cost project and St. Anne Lanes.

Since I like also hanging out in beaches I try looking houses that would not take hours of travel to the shore and here's what I got.

Collinwood Subdivision and Brookfield Subdivision

Check this link to see the the videos of these houses.
Still with these days I haven't gone for an ocular visit with this list I have. I'm still deciding as to which really I want. Hope I help you in one way or another with these list I have. Check my blog to get the information you need and for my future postings.