How to get a job in Singapore?

Although it may take a lot of things to do, but, once your done with it then your good to go.

First, you need to have your own passport, if you dont have one then check your local DFA(Department of Foreign Affairs) office. In Cebu where I got my passport its near Plaza Independencia.Here are some requirements needed: you need to have an authenticated birth certificate from NSO(National Statistics Office), be sure that the receipt is still there for they will not accept without it. Those authenticated birth certificate requested before 2005 will do without the receipt, beyond that year then you need to have a new authenticated birth certificate with a receipt. Don't forget to have passport sized pictures and NBI clearance that should be for abroad not local. If you want it rush you can get your passport as early as 3 days but, you need to pay Php 500-1000 I guess subjected to the number of pages you want. Once you have these all then your done with the first step.

Second, of course you need to have a round trip airline ticket. You can't buy an airline ticket without your passport since it is an international trip. With my case I bought my ticket from Cebu Pacific, they offer low fare promo check this website.

Third, dont forget to bring all your credentials like your: diploma,transcript of records and certificates.

Fourth, be sure to have a place where you will be temporarily staying. If you have a friend, relative who's working there keep in touch with them. Maybe you can ask favor from them, to stay temporarily. If you want you can make a reservation in a hotel there but remember its costly. Another option is through a hostel this may cost you $20-$40(within this range) a night this is in Singaporean dollar (Singaporean $1=Php28-30 within this range). You can check this website to book for a hostel . That's why you need to have enought money to suffice while your looking for job.

Let's say you bought the ticket from Cebu Pacific you will arrive in Singapore's Airport Budget Terminal. There will be an embarkation card that will be distributed while your still in the plane. Be sure to fill it out and keep it, you will see there the number of days you want to stay in Singapore. It would be better to put there 30 days. Usually the immigration officer will give you 14 or 30 days.

Remember that your entry in Singapore is tourist since you will be applying there. Once your in Singapore dont fail to buy their local newspaper like The Strait Times. Every day they post companies on hire for personnel from Hotel, Engineering, Call Center, Hospital etc. or internet through these job portals:

Michael Page International:
AsiaOne Careers:
Job Hunter:
Job Seek:

There are two ways to apply there its either you will submit your resume/curriculum vitae through email or walk in. The standard there is to submit online. Every time you see a number for you to call to inquire about the job don't hesitate to call and ask about the open position. Usually they will tell you to submit your application online but mostly they will set you for an interview which is great. Make sure that everday you can get an interview for bigger chances of getting hired.

With regard to your stay remember they will give you 14 days or 30 days if you can't still get a job after those days lapsed you can apply for extension for another a month. Check this website for more information (Immigration & Checkpoints Authority). You can also apply for an Employment Pass Eligibility Certificate (EPEC) this is for foreigners who wish to look for a job in Singapore. The EPEC facilitates job searches by granting the holder a 1-year Social Visit Pass check this website for more information

Once your hired then that will definitely be a celebration. Singapore is one the best country in the world very clean, the people are great. Its one of the shopping capitals in the world from Gucci, D&G, Louis Vitton, Prada to local brands. If your on the tekki side they have if not all almost all gadgets you want from LCD monitor, laptops,psp to mp3 players everything maybe under the sun. Better start working with your papers and get it on!