Valentine Dinner Date Recipe?Hhmmmmm....let me check it out

....The Perfect Valentine Dinner Date Recipe

It was Sunday, February 10, 2008 I received this email from Bentot(Ruben B. Licera Jr.) and was from I read the email got some tips for this month of loving souls. I can still have off pat at some point in my college days with those stuff toys, roses around the corner. I just dont know why I hate when this day comes. May be because I dont have somebody to share it with. I'm one of those folks who are still in rummage around the half of my cookie. I may still be looking at this point but for sure its definitely worth the wait.

Everybody maybe now is hounding for the best venue for the perfect Valentine’s Date, an eventual rendezvouz where there is an appeasing mood on the February 14th night. They hinted this recipe, I will try this for sure but the hitch is my valentine (laugh at loud) no I can see for sure.

Take this recipe as Chef Cupid prepares the perfect ingredients for your perfect Valentine Dinner date:

1. Work with your budge. There is a price for everything. But never go beyond what you can afford or you’ll end up stressed financially. Price may count, but value is treasured. Go for what is creative and imaginative.

2. Mix perfect mood and ambiance. Total silence is stale. Too much noise is havoc. A lovely dinner’s feel is ideal by the elaborate mixture songs and sound at a time it is required. Everything results in pleasure when taken on the right pace.

3.Sprinkle some scent of surprise. The element of not knowing what’s in store for the receiver simply takes anyone’s breath away. Gifts may be forgotten but surprises are treasured. Make the preparation more subtle and expect that impact it creates ends with a bang!

4. Serve everything with love. Make the night of the dinner pleasurable to your special someone. Make them feel that you are at their disposal. Give them the utmost attention they deserve. Let them feel that they own this night.

Colbie Calliat-Bubbly

Expect that after this, you’ll remember this night forever.

with much thanks to Bentot and for this recipe...