We were born and raised in a summer haze!

Thinking how to be a billionaire!

The bee-day girl! Paint it RED! 

On the 29th floor!

If the world can just be like this! Then we'll have a great food! 

It doesn't matter if you're orange you'll get along with green and yellow! 

Let there be green on Earth and let it begin with me!

What are you looking at? (Ferocious beast) LOL!

 This fedora is a whore! Tasted mostly everyone's head! (***Kinky!)

My Ritz version! 

he was speechless with rage.

 View from the room! I'm not a morning person but if this is the view of my room rising and grinding will be like eating candy!

We tried Canola, Olive and EVO Oil! HAHAHAHA!

White car behind the green cars! 

It doesn't scare me! Try it again!LOL

SOS, Ask her about the Kardashians and she'll feed you anything you want to know!

Went out yesterday for a soiree at Ritz Carlton Hotel. I was so confident that the hotel was at the one near Raffles City turns out that it was the one in Millennia Walk. End up? I had to walk for about thirty minutes. LOL! The food was so hard to resist that I devoured it without breathing. Possible? For me! HAHAHAHAHA! Another hell-of-fun again! I wanted to escape the tequila, whiskey or anything but I had about 8-10 shots I think. While I was on the way home, I was like dancing while walking but I still managed to buy strawberry milkshake at McDonalds. Thinking that it can washed out what I was feeling. The dumbest thought ever!