Lunch + Walkathon + Dinner = Saturday

Kaleidoscope at Wheelock Place,Singapore
My thoughts we're so loud, that I can't hear my mouth!
We found these balloons on our way to Merlion and I was thinking why not exploit it!   The result? OKIE-DOKIE!
Postcard from Singapore! I can't believe I took this and how it looked like this. 
Let go Elenor! Let him GO! He's not worth it!
Let's plant more trees! 
Mysterious girl with an unfathomable smile! Monalisa? Is that you?
Pink will always be in between of blue!
Rest day of the firefighters! Hahahaha!
Before the rain which never came. Work it Ivanka! LOL

scone |skōnskän|
I had two of this! - Beef Salad
V for Fullerton Hotel 
Meet the in-crowd! (Joan Marie Priestley, Elenor Waldorf, Nathaniel Archibald, Ivanka Trump, Lily van der Woodsen) LOL! TMI! 
a Singaporean tourist guide shared that if you'll hold the hand of this Mister you'll have more money! Who doesn't want to have a lot? 
You're just giving me this color the whole time!

Maestra Lady G van Hauten in grand piano. LOL!

Had to start my Seat-thur-day early for a chow down at Fullerton Hotel. I had to starve myself and skip brekky for this! What a shameless tweet! The weather was extremely uncooperative that it can't decide wether will it be Mr. Rain or Ms. Sunshine. And I was having a hard time thinking of what to wear. End up? I wore a UNIQLO blazer, TOPMAN shirt, chinos and shoes (just sayin'! Hahaha!)thinking that it might be drizzling. Turns out that it was just a moody day for Mr. Weather. We spent 2 hours there and (MAN!) it was so good that it seems like I was eating for the whole day. It was smoldering haute that I gulp like about 50 liters of water. HAHAHA! Exaggeration! You know me!  We strolled the entire day and I was telling myself that I will not eat and pretend that I don't know what's eating. And yet we finished the day with a pizza dinner at CPK. Deym! How did we do it? I went home with an empty wallet but with a full stomach. LOL! Let's do it again! 

On the other hand, I just learned that DGMNL will draw the winners for the letterman jackets this Wednesday. Oh my! I want the red one. I'm crossing my fingers that I will be one of the winners! Can't wait for that day!