These photos were from different tumblr and blogspot accounts that I have came across. One of them is from THESEDAYYS and some random tumblr account that was linked from LOOKBOOK that I have visited. Everytime I see something in-te-res-ting I saved it thinking that one day I will  be posting it in this blog. Although its kinda not cohesive to the theme of this blog but I don't care (hehehe). Laying one's card on the table, this blog was its in IDENTITY CRISIS  a year ago, thinking of where to sail and what is really I want. At (long) last, I have decided to have it talking about "rad rag trade". (LOL!) Really? Isn't it not that obvious? Hahaha! What more can I do but share what I have been busy for the past two days saving kinda mind-masturbating photos. It is too much? I don't think so.