Mademoiselle (Ralph Lauren Big Pony x Fashiontoast)

Just to clue-someone-in, the lady in this ad is the mademoiselle behind the fashiontoast blog. It has been a couple of months that I have been following Fashiontoast. I nose out her blog through the site Bloglovin which is a directory of all fashion bloggers. One of its parishioners are The Sartorialist, Facehunter and blah blah blah. Out of her so chic personal style she (fashiontoast) was awarded as the blogger of the year and best personal style blog for two consecutive years now. Although its kinda ridiculous because I'm  a guy and I'm following her blog. Well, aside from the fact that she really dresses herself so stunning, she has good photographer. My hats-off to the photographer. She mentioned once on of her post that its her boyfriend shooting her. If you look at on her photos its well-lighted, great angle shots and (of course!) its given the subject is really a subject. Check out her blog and see it for yourself.