Bisaya Ra'y Makasabot(Only Cebuano Can Understand)

This post was from an email I received again from Feliza Gandia, the time I opened the email I was staggered since it was my first time to receive an email in Cebuano subject(no bluffing promise!) :) . It was like the usual feeling on the header since it was a forwarded email so the list of recipients were on the top. In the subject line it stated Bisaya Ra'y Nakabot(only cebuano can understand). When I totally browsed it, it was all pictures when an astounding humorous lines. Not to be blame it gave me so much fun not for the lines nor the grammar but with the intention of it. These might offend maybe to some but I hope they will not take this seriously or blurt this out, just for fun.

Just click the pictures to zoom it out.