What's wrong with Yahoo Messenger for Mac?

It's been a month I guess about the backlogs of the yahoo messenger server for mac users. After installing the application it will pop an error that the server may be busy. I search for alternate solutions to somehow solve the problem. I was preempting myself at first that maybe its just with the version of the software I used which maybe not compatible with the Leopard OS X. When I check yahoo I was routed to a forum which it does not leave me alone of facing the same issue. The error was just last month and yahoo provide solutions to change the proxy settings but due to the jargon used the end users would not maybe find the solution understandable. Anyhow, there was one comment that he was able to sign in to yahoo using the solutions provided by yahoo.

Since I'm one still that can use yahoo messenger for now, I will still keep eyeing on how to fix the problem and share it to everybody.