Tragedy at Sea:Princess of the Stars

The typhoon Frank really gave the Philippines so much pain after it hit the country couple of weeks. Frank left the country with so much mess, pain, experience, and a page that will always be browsed through. The most devastating accident happen was a mishap when the MV Princess of the Stars sank somewhere in Romblon. This is not first to happen for Sulpicio Lines ships but third time if I'm not wrong. The problem now is they are pointing each others fingers as to who's to blame. Sulpicio Lines claimed that its the fault of PAGASA as to why they did not make warnings that day, that its not safe already to sail. The investigating team managed to point out why the crew of the said was not able to estimate the safeness since they have instruments to check if its really safe to sail that day.

In the ship was approximately 800 passengers including the crew. A story of a survivor said that most of the passengers are children. Its so sad to see that the future of these passengers were wasted just because of this accident. It could not be an accident if safety was the concerned, looking at the situation and condition at that time anything can happen since they don't have the hold of the weather. It seems that they haven't learned from what had happened before.

The questions now is how many casualties it takes more for them to learn? How many lives will be taken for them to realize? How many future will be wasted for them to create awareness of themselves? How many tears to cry for them to think? It's so sad for these to happen before it will open their eyes and to see what was done. It tears the heart for the bereaved family of the victims. Hope this will be the end of this. Hope that one day to those left by their loved ones can still see the light. All we can do is to pray, that the victims may rest in peace in the arms of Almighty Father.