How to dowgrade my iPod Touch?

It took me a while to find ways in downgrading ipod touch or jailbreaking it. I tried finding and reading forums and check links as to how to do it. Got some ideas and tips but it wasn't enough to keep me going and do the thing. What I want was to install applications that can be installed in iphone using apptap but you need to have a firmware of 1.1.1 for you to install it. Mine at that time was the newly released firmware of apple 1.1.4 which some applications cannot be installed or can be installed but doesn't work. Like the ants application you need to have a lower firmware version for it to work with the power of Google I was link to youtube and got the power steps in downgrading my ipodTouch. Check this out.

Wala! got it. If it doesn't work still, leave me a message and I will reply you soon as I check it.