Another long week

It's been a while I haven't updated my blog and still thinking what to post. It was really a long week and I've been very busy of work.And I can't get myself out of the pressure to close sales which is so hard. Knowing that most of the folks here already have insurance and its hard to squeeze a plan which is the same that they have. Some locals are holding 3-5 policies that cover maybe everything. Some don't believe in insurance and some are under the word of can't afford. I believe in insurance knowing that every leap we are vulnerable to anything. The bad thing about it is you can just get the amount after accidents happen or worst is lost. There was even once that one policy holder ask if his life is just $200,000 it was really glass breaking statement assuming that all are open to this business. It goes back to saying its part of the compensation. I'm battling with myself sometimes during presentation I just don't know I end up nothing to say back and sugar coating in saying hello to cover. Trying to hid it and do it like master in breathing customers can still smooch and told me that I don't have to say hello because he was listening. I was really melting and wanted to hang up the call but, you need to be 100% professional not a half-baked one. On a brighter note persistence is really the key just don't make your pitch same as what you have said for it may sound a frustrated-desperate telemarketer.

For a human ground waking up early and working 5 days a week with a hand in the neck Friday is the best day of the week. That's why the overused line "Thank God its Friday" came out. Having a pinch of it, I can't escape having the same feeling and its really a long day yesterday. And to topple it with a great exclamtion point we went to Dhoby ghaut and bought a sock for my itouch, looking things you want to buy but still can't. I'm just dying really to get a Mac and don't know I can get to grab one. With my officemates we took pictures from Dhoby Ghaut to Orchard we were planning to eat at Jologs but it was full when we went there so opt to Kabayan I just love the food what more can I say.

I've been planning to study short courses here but its really a stretch in the concise so not for now. Out of not wanting to go home yet we went to Wheelock and check books. So, I immediately get myself to computer books section and got the books I want to read but the price was really more that I was thinking maybe next time. Got home and I found there was something wrong with the camera I was so disappointed and pissed off the pictures I took last night weren't there what else can I do but to let it, I can't recover it anymore. There are still a bunch of next time. Just want to share you some of the pictures left.


melvin,rochelle,me and marie at Lucky Plaza