Free mp3 download, worn-out and drained with it? I got one of the pieces of it!

Irritated - exasperated! That's what I feel and for sure share the same stance to those digger-addict of mp3 may it be with different audio format. As always every time I poke around or search mp3 songs using search engines like Google, Yahoo its only one-eight or worse end up with nothing. At times you hit the right website and download the mp3 you like but only a few most of the time it really end up with songs that you don't really like. But, since its the only thing that can be downloaded then you get compromise with the song.

The sad note on that is all the clicks and browsing are whacked or wasted on websites, URL asserting to have free downloadable but when you click on the link -Free MP3! - it ends you to complete a form or for an online payment, which is really a pain in the ass. The shoddier part of it is that when you are just in the Internet Cafe and there you wasted your time and money with nothing. Some are using freewares that can be easily be downloaded in the Internet like Bearshare, Frostwire or Limewire but you need to install it and get the hang of it with how its functions and jerks.

To not prolong the agony with the help of search engines I found of an easier way of doing it considering the disturbs and pesters. One time, while searching some techie stuff, I unintentionally browsed an article about a script that you can easily use in Google search engine. It's actually a set of operators used for advance searching and as explained in the Google help center, this script will restrict search results to individual files. So instead of bringing you to websites, this will list the exact documents matched by your search.

Hit this link to know more on Google search script
By then using this script makes everything easy and fun. Here's how you gonna do it. Below is a sample script we are going to use for searching mp3 files.
The script portion (wmamp3) stands for the filename extension we're going to search. So in our case, we are going to search for wma - windows media audio and mp3 - mpeg audio layer 3.
On the segment "Westlife%" stands for name of the file we are going to retrieve. The % means any strings or characters. So to sum up, we are looking for a wma or mp3 file that starts with Westlife followed by any characters.After figuring that out all you have to do is copy the script and place it in the Google engine then click search. Google will list down exact matches on the query you performed. Now click any index link to display the file list.And lastly, click on the file you want to download. A dialog box will prompt to confirm downloading.
Amazing isn't it? I hope this will help lighten up your Google search. Here are some predefined scripts you can use in case you want to search for movies or ebooks. Just change the filename portion depending on your requirement.Ebooks:Avi/wmv files: