And When The Stars Fall

Topman varsity jacket, washed out maya blue Monte Carlo shorts

Counting my days before I can really and finally say "Happy Holidays!" Well, working 12 hours a day has been like my hobby for a while now. Seriously, I'm not ranting! LOL! Kinda tedious if you actually think about it but, time flies really when you're having fun. Nevertheless, I'm paid for what I'm doing! And its like hitting two birds in one stone! Although its still a couple of weeks to go before Christmas but I'm like cheating myself. I just got this varsity jacket from Topman and that washed-out-maya-blue Monte-Carlo shorts. Aren't they worth it?!? Its just like really you're on top of everything when you buy something you want. I can't blame those shopaholics cause I get well with them. To those on holidays those now, "Have A Very Merry Christmas!"