We'll start with forever!

(Penshoppe jacket, Topman vintage slim jeans, Dr. Martens boots, Topman v-neck tee)

Free-day! Its 26 days more and its PI. I can't help but to awe how time flies and drifts so fast. We were just smelling the breeze of 2011 and now in just less than 40 days and it will be a part of history. Anyways, this is what I wore for my friends' birthday at MBS Hotel. Skypark + food + tons of laugh + picture and it did not end to that. I had to leave early to watch, of course! Breaking Dawn Part 1! The movie was IMPRESSIONNANT! Everyone was swooned with Edward's toast (Robert Pattinson) when he told Bella (Kristen Stewart) "No measure of time with you would be long enough. But we'll start with forever!" Literally everyone died, the girl beside me was chuckling. And also? Forever kind of takes on a whole new meaning when you're marrying a vampire maybe forever for them is like one year for us. LOL! Two words awe-some!