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Isn't it a so amusing to see stuff that can make you smile after a bruising and taxing day? How about buying something everyday that can update your collection/wardrobe? I will definitely raise everything that I can! And the other day I was brought to tears after someone told me that her hobbies are shopping and climbing. In my mind I was telling myself OK nothings special, nothings mind-blowing. Hahahaha! Then she added that its not just shopping its "window shopping", its not just climbing but its "social climbing"! HOMIGAD! And then I was laughing like hell after hearing it. 

After all those pain-in-the-neck let's get down to business! Lately, I have been a hard-core, wholehearted, earnest fan of  Zipia. A Korean based online fashion network hawking from cardigans, trousers, shirts, bags, accessories and etc. Thanks to my skinny fashionista friend Zhen Lin for bringing this on my table. Although I haven't tried shopping here since part of me is still not convinced how secure online shopping is. At the moment I'm still at gawking stage aka "online window shopping". And tired will never be in my bucket list while checking all their stuff. Everything is flawless! 

Photos from Zipia