A BlueRedBlack Friday

The date was 23-07-11! It was a spontaneous one that it just sprang like a wild mushroom under a devon tree. What I am talking about? Hahaha! Yeah, I had an 8-day trip in Cebu and so far it was the most productive I had. It has been six months since my last trip. My feet were so eager that it can't wait to see my begetters. I just missed them so much, place, everyone, and of course, the food. Although I was there for more than week but it feels like I was just there for 2 days. Like an airport-to-airport feeling if you know that. Productive that is, running errands after errands which was the rationale. We're keeping our fingers crossed that everything will be OKIE-DOKIE! And to last till early quarter of next year without shopping! TMI!  Selling down the river that is! 

This was day two when we tried to call our Japanese-ish friend Aulga and the hip and snazzy Rita while we were at the mall. Here comes the bipolar weather again! It was a-so-uncooperative day, it was raining the entire day. But, the weather can't stop us! We grab a bite first at Moon Cafe + Starbucks + Vanille Patisserie before heading to The Pent House. It was a hell-out-of-fun night that it seems like we were out of our cage remembering our work-and-home life in SG.  While I was looking outside the rain was like so beast that it can kill someone. Hahahaha! Thanks to VodkaCran+SpriteGin+TIce+Lights they were our confidants that night! DJ's (and by DJ I mean Sam Milby - he was there spinning) were spinning and dropping RNB which was not my cup of tea (sarcasm full mode). And after a 2-hour of I-dont-know-what-we're-doing while drinking Nicki Minaj's Superbass brought us to pizazz and high spirits again! Good thing Rita tagged along her kaboodles. It was nice to see Nicole and her cousin joining us it feels like teen spirit again. (Excozzzzy! I'm still on my mid twenties!) Hahahaha! Had to sober up a bit and we dropped at Coffee Blends before we call it a night. It was so addicting that even while we we're on our way home feeling exhausted I was still thinking of doing it again. I can't blame myself its the 1kb/hour (hyperbole) internet connection's fault. 

Can't wait to go home again this December and do doggie again!