Dolce & Gabbana, Going Digital from The Business of Fashion on Vimeo.

Ever imagine that you'll just have to wait online for the newest collection and no more runways? That's what actually the forerunners of Dolce & Gabbana: Domenico Dolce & Stefano Gabbana are talking with this sit-in with ever so intelligent Imran Amed about fashion, their fans and their digital strategies. Though both of them believe in the power of the digital medium, Domenico is the complete opposite of Stefano when it comes to the use of technology. He's not into Facebook  an he's not into Twitter (you can follow Stefano on twitter @stefanogabbana). I admire him when he said he prefers real life more and in a way, it’s inspiring. It’s important to always separate both real and online lives. It’s easy to get trapped online and this whole social media madness due to the addictive nature of the internet. 

I agree on Domenico more than that of Stefano. It's more galvanizing and rousing seeing the new collection in wide gaping eyes and even a chance of touching it. And maybe internet will just be used as medium of playing back! Although I haven't been invited to any fashion shows and if I'll be given chance that will be one of the best moments of life. And I guess that's what every fashionista wants! I don't care if will sitting on the last row as long as you're there and be the one of the first to see the newest collection. Man! Its like you're part of the history of the brand. This is just one way of extending to a bigger market. Some understand the language of this and others will not or will still prefer the conventional. Looking at the situation now this must go together. No wonder D&G is rising like a skyscraper since they have a exceptional mixture of  classic (Domenico) and avant-garde (Stefano).