Skinny-tight denims + leather pants + graphic tees + Cut-offs + classic military boots = BALMAN 2012! This collection is kinda different from Dicarnen's work although you can still feel the vibe of Balmain's spring/summer previous collection. There were, undoubtedly, lofty expectations for Rousteing who succeeded Christophe Dicarnen, who is now responsible for making his own mark on the brand without sacrificing the decadent aesthetic that Decarnin established as a successful model for bringing in influential consumers as well as an influx of cash.  But, looking at this collection I think he has succeeded as to what was expected from him. In some looks you can feel the swag, rock 'n' roll chic  but some looks kinda pinkish for me. But,everything was well executed from the military boots to the graphic tees lovin' the fringe scarves.