Frolicking PHUKET!

 I had two of this! 

 Sweaty coke! I was amazed of their "characters, symbol"

I remember I was so hungry! But when Karla pointed the bulb. Mmmmm. Magic! LOL


The subject was just too camwhore! 

We hate Ray-Bans! Really we hate it! So sad, Dianne left hers in Phi Phi Island

This was at Karon Beach way better than Patong!

This looks like Bantayan Island in Cebu.

Gives someone the brush-off!

You and us!

Can't believe I took this! I'm not into landscape! CATCHING!

The sky bleeds!

You are not alone!

Monkey Island!

Since, I decided not to go for bolt-of-freedom to Bintan because of some inescapable matters. I was checking my archives if there were still photos that I haven't posted. And so I did! Our Phuket shenanigans that happened epochs ago. HAHAHAHA! These are two-year old photos and wasn't able to post these. This happened when I was still in an ON-and-OFF relationship with this blog. And since this is somewhat correlative then let's post it! LOL! 

Can't forget the food. Everything I ate there was like all Thai food. HAHAHAHAHA!(So DUMB!) We tried the FANTASEA and "OMG!" it was so GOOD! Really, really good! I was flabbergasted how they made the elephants to do what they want. Before the show started we had like a banquet inside a huge hall that I think all if not all cuisines were there. And obviously, without doubt we returned to the hotel with a bump. 

Planning to go back there someday but not in Phuket. Bangkok maybe, the latter is calling my name! LOL. One day!