DIOR HOMME SPRING 2012 from V Magazine on Vimeo.

Film by Martin Landgreve

Although there will be a lot of pieces that might be similar to other fashion houses but, this collection for DIOR seems to be like homogeneous to LANVIN 2011/2012. The hats,trousers and the palettes. These three fashion houses LANVIN, DIOR and YSL seems to like much of a muchness. Not maybe because of they are under the wing LVMH but I think Alber, Kris, Hedi (first name basis we're that close)are copying each other's sketches. I'm just pulling someone's leg! Isn't it obvious? I find that LANVIN is better than this collection. I know its for FALL/WINTER 2011 collection. How will I compare collection for different seasons? LOL! Till the next one!