We're not freaks, we're just born with a freak on!

DGMNL signature look (I'm still surmising mine)

I'm on the other half of the ship!

Who doesn't want to swim here if that's your view?

When red and yellow are just all available.

 Isn't it Miu Miu?

What's with that white and gray laces?

 Fierce Blackberry!

Blue at day, green at night!

 c'est toujours paire de nuit

spell "Awkwardness" = me

Anna Sui in Burberry

The building is burning! Look!

A comet just passed!

Count 'em all

We're not freaks, we're just born with a freak on!

Red hot chilli flower

"Are you happy now?" Me to bathtub.

DGMNL inspired

Give them lights and it will be an art. 

What have I done?

Shoot you 9 times just in case you got cat lives

Talking about crashing a party? Of course, I did not do it! I was somehow invited. But,is there such thing? Yesterday was my friend's bee-day and the soiree was at Marina Bay Sands. You want the room number? Hahahaha - Tower 1 #43-837. Did I get it correctly? If anyone is reading this that was on the same floor last night it was us that created noise pollution. Everyone yesterday has different agenda but with Lawrence(the last photo)it was imminent photoshoot. Hehehe! And I super enjoyed it! We brought to life (I don't want to use copy) Caridee English photo the dumb-look in ANTM. I will be posting it soon. Everything that I ask for a Friday were all there. Food, drinks, laughing like hell, pranks and experience to cherish for a lifetime (so cheesy). We seized the entire premise(of course just the premise that we're allowed to mosey around) that every corner has a photo. The lights in the bathroom were so quintessential that we can't afford to miss the chance to shoot. It was really hell-out-of-fun! Till the next time guys! Who's burpday is next?