When Toms And Converse Collide

What a week that was? I was sick and was barking like dog.Literally like a dog but don't think like a Doberman bark it was kinda Dalmatian about 2-3 months old. LOL! Although it was kinda washed out at the start of the week but we ended it with a posh dinner at Bakerzin. But, it was a carbo-loading dinner: carbonara, polenta bread dipped into a olive oil and balsamic vinegar, a bit of salad, pumpkin soup and a slice of cake. To make it clear we're not going for a marathon or something.It was just , I don't know what to say! Hahaha! And since I brought my camera (out of I don't know what I was thinking!)we had another amateur/cheapskate photoshoot again. I was so hungry that I finished everything without breathing and topped it with an italian peach soda. Deym! I was a like 9-month preggy after it! It was super amazeballs though! I'm turning into like Adam Richman of Man vs Food now! I just don't why but I'm prepping myself for another man versus food event on the 20th with my friends at Shangri-la a 5 course meal. Eggzited!