Me And My Shenanigans

This is my lame attempt to document the shenanigans I’ve been to today. Had to go to the office to keep the promise I made. And guess what? It was the first for this year after I left a portion of my enthusiasm somewhere else. I have to and I have to. It was a |ˈpāˌdā| yesterday  and I'm thrilled because its 3 down 9 more to go. Long way but I'm almost there. The day was so gloomy and it was even drizzling and yet I still feel so hot. Yeah! I guess these are the last drops of summer. I pulled in at Eskimo to grab some bubble teas for my colleagues.  It's not that thirst quencher though coz it made me thirstier. Hahahaha! And to finish my day? I was smelling the-green-eyed-moster in me lurking at blogs that I'm following. This is so shameless! I was so desperate to post something that I had to set up my tripod and the crime begins. Had dinner at Carls Jr then had the best workout after! Fun but tiring day! Enjoy your weekend guys! At least what’s left of it.