Brooklyn Circus 2011 Spring Varsity Jackets

Introducing The BKc Spring/Summer Varsity
The time has come, when New York, California, Japan and almost everywhere in between retires the cold weather and the cooler weather clocks in. And we have a solution for you during this weather transition and beyond. Introducing The BKc Spring/Summer Varsity. Made of 100% Cotton with soft leather details, antique brass snaps, silk lining and the classic double felt BKc ‘B’ and of course all Made in USA.

And you can pre-order the anticipated BKc Spring/Summer Varsity Jacket right Now before they hit the sales floor next week. Available in 3 colorways; NAVY, WINE, and TEAL (all with Putty colored sleeves). You can place your order online .

Source: The Brooklyn Circus 

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