Royal Wedding Pandemonium - (Yes! A premonition! Any problem with that?)

Yesterday was really the day for every person who knows Disney and fairytale. It was indeed day of escaping from reality! Wasn't it? A day when everyone was putting their shoes I think on to anyone of the people in Westminster Abbey and attend the service or ceremony whatever they call it. Well, for me was really not putting myself to anyone of them but to be one of the people shrieking and be part of the history. I was not excited as to how William will look and what he will wear. Common! Its given. Right? And I think if not 110% of the people will agree more or less near there. Everyone was reckoning on how Kate will look and who is she wearing. I had a premonition (Yes! A premonition! Any problem with that? LOL) that it will be Sarah Burton of Alexander Mcqueen will design the dress. And as not as sure as I was it was really her. In the reports, Kate worked closely with Sarah in designing the dress and what she wants is that like the contemporary meets the modernity. And the result? She looks breathtaking, divine, and beyond stunning! 

So much for that Royal wedding brouhaha, yesterday was the Mango Summer Collection here in SG. Since I can't take my eyes off from the TV we skipped the fashion show and just went there to tag along with my new found friend Marie. We tried the photobooth and we looked unmapped! See it for yourself on the last photo. Hahahaha! The queue to the counter was a kilometer stretch so we decided not to buy and just go directly to Marriot Hotel for dinner. As expected I went home with a balloon in my stomach. All I can say is that it was hell-out-of-fun!