Random People - with bon go没t (good taste)! partie deux


That third look is BANANAS! He killed it! Whatchatink?

Lookbook! Like what usual stylist must have and how It's like a bible to them. How I wish that I'm one of these people circling in this industry. I remember on the first episode of Rachel Zoe Project season 3, Rachel and Rodger we're looking for an assistant stylist to replace Taylor Jacobson after she was fired. Qualifications to be in were like reaching for the stars type. They're checking on how wide and extensive your experiences may it be local or abroad. From what school to what magazine you've worked or interned. One thing I just know was that Brad Goreski was working for Vogue before working for Rachel Zoe.

Let's just take it one day at a time. Soon I might be working for her( yeah, right! You wish!LOL) With my pace now? It's very dusky. I'm not letting go though.

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