New York, I Love You But Your Bringing Me Down

I'm back in blogging. This will be my first entry for this year and I've been a way for almost a year now. Yeah! It was maybe a demented months of not sharing thoughts to anyone. And I guess no one really cares, since the last time I checked my google adsense account the hits were weck... weck..( like how Tyra Banks tells  to the ANTM hopefuls everytime they have weak photos). I kind of enjoy  though the time I was away. More twitter, more JJ it's the same as but not into bashing. And I guess I'm not into pop culture when I was 2 years younger. I was more into a serious thinking as to how I will build my curriculum vitae. And just now I realized that if its for you its really for you. Of course you need to work not just wait for it because life is not like gravity at all. If we think on this way then one day we end being pulled of too much of gravity.

New York, I Love You But Your Bringing Me Down.
That is what I was actually feeling. I think the world is conspiring me. I don't have hints of how really to get there. And its freaking me out but everytime I say this and it made me realize that I really need to do something to get there. What a useless entry! Hahahaha! I don't think so! This is like a venting out session with me and the web. Out of too much Gossip Girl I think that's why kind of paranoid as to when I'll get there. Alicia Keys newest album the "Element of Freedom" is even cool for me now. Last time I checked I don't like her music that much. But after hearing the reprise of Empire State Of Mind after their collaboration with Jay-Z's album the song hits to the bone.

With Gossip Girl I'm glued whatever you call it! With all the characters there I find myself like Dan Humphrey but towards the end I realize that I am more of Nate. How wonderful it would be if I have the world they are roaming. Its so scary though because you may not live up to what others are expecting from you. I always remember this line that "To whom much is given, much is expected." Its a Christian teaching which I have a big dogma on it. The more blessings your received the more you should extend it to those who need. I'm like talking that I'm really on their shoes. But, if I have I would definitely clean-my-shoes everytime. After hearing that Chace Crawford was caught in possession of hash I'm not into that. I like his character on the show but not the real life. It's a bummer though because I need to wait till fall to see the show again. So I'm thinking of revisiting season 1 to season 3 again.

If could choose between Blake Lively(Serena van der Woodsen) to Leighton Meester(Blair Waldorf)? Not even I blink I would choose Blair. The question now is will they choose me? Beginning of the show I love Serena's character she's on for changing herself from being wild to being tamed. Until towards the end of season 3 Blair has been consistent to her character. I know not their faults its the writers. Blaming? As if they will matter. Until then this will be all about venting out I guess.

I know you don't love XOXO gossip boy!