What's the purpose of my existence? Or what's the purpose of your existence?

Last week was actually an all-embracing, melancholic, jovial, pressured, a yearn for week. It was all-embracing because of the things that happened. And it's so hard to exhibit because of the various emotions that was poured out and deeply felt. What was so apprising that anything that came to my mind and I felt that week bridges me to one thing. Purpose! Yeah, what a simple and conventional word that any human can slap you why you don't know that word. Simple it may be but entails an hour for some, a week for them, a year for the others, and a lifetime maybe to me or to you for us to know what's our purpose. I don't know why we only feel these things after something happened, why we cannot do it before those things to happen. Is it really innate or indwelling in us?

Melancholic week. It was really a saddened week after the late Cory Aquino died after more than a year of battle of colon cancer. Our nation cried for the lost of the mother of our democracy. While watching the necrological services covered by ABS-CBN it brought me in tears. What was so touching after hearing the line from the doctor of the family that after she knew that she has cancer she just said "its God's will then so be it". This simply explains how forthright she was. She just accept it as if its just nothing to worry about. The guard was more than tears after he mentioned that Tita Cory taught him and showed him instead of carrying a firearm why not carry the rosary. How deeply I was moved from my position that time was totally cannot be put into words. An after watching I felt that the cells in my mind were rounding up making me think how Tita Cory excelled in her purpose of life. She was unparalled in many aspects as a mother, as a leader, as a daughter of God, as a mediator and anthing that we can think of. And from there it made me think what is my purpose also.

A jovial week. My friend from Cebu send me and IM in Yahoo and told me that she's here in Singapore. I was so happy because its been years not seeing here after the SK "Sangguniang Kabataan" days we had in Cebu. She was the SK president of Cebu that time and me as part of the member of the SK federation. We met and ate at 7,107 Islands restaurant a Filipino restaurant here in Singapore. We were catching up what's new and what brought her here. It was a long Saturday than my usual Saturday chores and it was so satisfying. Our second stop was at the Merlion, then to the St. Joseph's Cathedral-The Good Shepherd and stop at ION the new mall in Orchard. While on our way we were talking about how far Singapore from our country from the economy, to how clean, how systematic, how safe and how well it is being governed. I remembered the programs, activities we had during our SK days. As to how we prepared for the activities, in drafting resolutions and proposals. And it brought me to remember to those days after the SK thinking that I did not give my 100% to the public who put me in to the position I had before. But, there's always a piece in me that I always counter myself that in my gentle ways during my term I shook my community a bit giving them how it is now and I'm so thankful of the Ramon Aboitiz Foundation for their help. My friend told me what she's doing now and shared that she's still behind the activities of the country like the Gawad Kalinga. After that very long day its pinning me again with that word.

A pressured week. It was never a pressured week in the office specially its the first week and down to the last week of the month checking for the approvals of the applications. How I live my weekdays is so exhausting waking up early, talking to customers for eight hours, waiting for the signed applications forms to come, handling same objections. Sigh! ---

It's really wearing out but I need to do this because of one purpose my family. It made me think and I got the answer because of our family. It all comes back to this family.We have maybe different purpose in life but one thing its for sure it will always go back to the family.