On-The-Go:Photo I Took That Hit Me The Most

May 29,2009  Cebu

in.no.cence |ˈinəsəns|
the state, quality, or fact of being innocent of a crime or offense : they must prove their innocence.
• lack of guile or corruption; purity : the healthy bloom in her cheeks gave her an aura of innocence.
• used euphemistically to refer to a person's virginity : they'd avenge assaults on her innocence by others.

Innocence that's what I see in this photo. It does not bring a head turner to somebody but the depth is what I see in this. I took this when I went home for a vacation in Cebu. Everytime I look at this photo it gives me a bizarre emotion. One reason could be that she is my niece and I miss her but, taking it in bigger picture what really I like this the most is the innocence she displayed. When you look at her eyes its kinda shady you cannot tell if shes worried or happy. Its a peculiar eyes that you cannot tell the what she was feeling that time.

But for whatever it was and if she can understand this I would just want to tell her that I miss all of them and you all give meaning to my toils.