Joyces' Burpday

As what I have bargained for it was another lazy Saturday good thing I managed to stick to the gameplan and elude to those lazy-bone temptations. It was indeed a smug day: 20 minutes in Singpost, 2 and a half hours in the office and managed to close the 100 grand loan, and the best was seeing my housemates before at Joyce's burpday.

What coaxed me was the food I could not hamper myself when I saw the food. I demolished them " yeah the word is demolished, LMAO", if just seeing was hard to hamper myself but polishing them off was two times harder. This sounds maybe too much or lay it on thick but I think I describe myself almost to this probably because I just pine for eating Filipino food. I tried to spare myself for this reason but I really need to trim down if I don't want to see myself like a greedy guts. And good thing I remember what I read that we should eat like a king in the morning, eat like a prince during lunch and eat like a beggar at night. But the food was really unavoiding to me especially the shanghai rolls, spaghetti and the leche flan. Getting an auxiliary space in my beer gut was my bet and since my priority is to eat what is on the aim then it was really time to thwart.

And I just want to share with you what I demolished today.

I thought I would end up my day with Joyce's birthday but I finished it off with cutting my hair like chrome-domed I felt remorse about it but its permissible.