How To Get To Malapascua Island

Malapascua Island the new Boracay of Cebu. Have you heard about this? Definitely yes for some and no for the many.

This island and surrounding area is right on and off the northern tip of Cebu and off the west coast of Leyte. As it is a 3 hour drive from the capital and the main diving center of
Mactan, it is visited far less. This also means that the diving infrastructure is not so well developed, but is improving.

How to get there?

There are 3 companies which ride to Maya from the North bus station in Cebu: Ceres, Cebu AutoBus and Rough Riders. The journey takes 3 1/2 to 4 hours, video and air con 140 pesos, non air-con 110 pesos you could hire a taxi or a private car from Cebu to Maya.

From Maya a local boat Ferry goes across am and pm with a break at lunch time till 4.30 it take about 1/2 hour cost 40 pesos.

Crossing can be rather wet and bancas have very little shelter from the elements, be prepared on landing to either jump into the shallow waters or walk down a rickety plank depending on the tide. You may have to transfer to a very small banca for the last 200 meters on your way back to Maya.

A private banca can be hired from Maya, the first ferry leaves Malapascua at 6:30. Malapasca can be reached from Bantayan and from Leyte (San Isidero).

What to see there?

Snorkeling and fishing With its spectacular underwater flora and fauna there is much to see, making snorkeling a fine experience. A resort will rent boats, alternatively locals will take you on their fishing rakie. Scuba diving Waters off the island offers some of the most exciting extreme dives in the Philippines with adrenaline pumping adventure thresher sharks and manta ray encounters. The dive shops seem mindful of the environment and has a caring attitude to their customers which is as well considering the kind of fish roaming around. They offer introductory courses to advanced scuba diving and there are a couple of wrecks to explore.

This is the map of island and some photos which is really worth plunging.