Intelligent Medicine

Forgot to take your medication?

I was thumbing through the Discovery Channel Magazine issued March 2009. And I was so bowled over on an article about a medicine embedded with chips to track the patient so as not to forget taking the tab. This gave me an apprehensions or misgivings that this might give an unwholesome repercussions to the patient.

They call this The Intelligent Medicine. It's a smart pill contrived by the Proteus Biomedical, its a pill embedded with micro-sensors that, once swallowed it will turn you to a medical tracking device. They embed micro-sensors into an existing drugs and devices, which transmit information securely to a patient's mobile phone through the internet.

The type of information recorded by the receiver includes the type of drug and dosage, and reports of physiologic measures such as heart rate, activity and respiratory rate. And if you forget to take your Raisin? An alert message sent to your mobile phone within an hour of when you were supposed to take a pill will make sure you don't miss a dose.