A Tribute To This Wandering Soul(Missing Home)

It's been a while since I last put up a song survey, and this is one list that's been sitting around for quite a while. I'm pretty happy with how I put it together, which saw me scribbling song titles and artist names on scraps of paper every time a good song came up. And I guess it's a good reflection of how settled I've become lately, or how relaxed. It's also inspired by what I've been up to, and the places I've been to. I guess I can only hope to capture a sense of the awesome feeling that running around, both at work and home all over (take, for example, "Her Name Rhymes With Mindy of American All Rejects of Blinding Lights, which I think perfectly captures the experience of roaming San Diego to Pasadena at night). In many ways, this list is also best described as me going back to basics. I've picked through my little song library and chose what I thought (at least at the time the list finally got cobbled together) did great in terms basic stuff: guitars, vocals, drums, and so on.

punk rock greatest hit songs, there acoustic versions and remakes