Nina The Soul Siren(Another Song Searching)

The last week has been bizarre. I've been so sluggish lately, and I think my body clock's out of order again. I have, of course, attributed this to the greater "body calendar," which is probably wondering why I'm not relaxing now that it's close to Christmas already (of course, Christmas is coming, but I guess that also means I'm sort of in touch with the universe on some ineffable level). The week's also been pretty bizarre: the Lehman Brother collapsed sending shockwaves, and about the speculations that AIG will be next leaving everybody hanging and with butterflies in the stomach, the bitching and sizzling hot days and slightly cool nights.

Job has been very exhausting specially handling the AIG statusquo concerns. But, thanks to NETS giving us 2 days break maybe afraid that there name will be dragged with the said current predicament. And I've been listening to more music, and thanks to the supernatural sense of iTunes' shuffle function.

NINA Featuring the Hits of Barry Manilow [2007]