I'm going home to Cebu

It was last May this year I went home to Cebu. Though it was 3 days that I was there, it seems that it was just a wink of an eye if you want to exaggerate it. Now, I know the old-ruined line that there's no place like home is true. I terribly missed the food, life, beaches, crazy it may be for some but I miss the jeepneys. I missed eating at Jollibee especially the chicken joy with lots of gravy.

Chowking the halo
-halo and the sweet and sour. Mmmmmmmmmmmm. Pretty sure I share the same feelings to those who are away from home. I maybe miss these, but I missed more my mom,dad and my siblings. Damn! Although it may take a while for me to go back home but the fact that I'm helping them is more than enough for me. The white sand beaches like in Bantayan Island,Cebu was heaven for me.I will be going back there also especially in Kota Beach Club. I can't wait for that day.