Hackneyed? That's what I always heed and have off pat everytime my parents call me. That how's everything here and life, I can't even escape with my friends also with this line. I'm just so in high spirits that they are looking also for my footing here and it really pinch this stupid and dumb heart sometimes.

It set off not really with a dream, I never trance nor hallucinate of getting here. But, the moment I stepped on my foot here it goes back to the past as to why I did not hasten in getting here. It was getting to end of October of last year I pulled in here in Singapore, anticipating to get a job and help my roots. That was really the gameplan with me and my friends, I can still shade our first day here. It was like your being draped and unwrapped and out of a blue you play with your mind and say "really I'm here already!". I was just flabbergasted with the office blocks down to the streets as to how Singapore shared the wonders of the new era. From, busses with the use ezlink cards to everything not same as home.

As to now, I'm still on the verge of corporating myself that I share the same pie that our "kababayan" is feeling being away from the families. It's maybe hard knowing that your far away from them but the thought that you are making their life cloud nine its even more heaven that you will feel. It's my first time away from my family and there was even a point that I want to quit and planning to go home but, it goes back to that I can't provide my parents the same love they gave for its my time now to give back what they have done to me. For I will never be here and be like this without them.

Life here in Singapore is really the life that I want for now. Waking up early-work!work!work!-save!-and-new-life-new environment.I know that later in my stones to jump it will be more than this.